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Marissa  Barden

A  N O T E  F R O M  M A R I S S A

Hi There Friends!!

Hi there!  Lots of new faces around here these days so I thought I’d take a sec and introduce myself.  I’m Marissa! I’m a wife, a mother and a singer! And I LOVE Praise & Worship music!! I love writing & singing songs that remind people how LOVED & IMPORTANT they are. ❤️Loved people love people❤️ Knowing how much your Creator loves you and that you were made for a higher purpose is life-altering. Once you encounter Jesus you don’t want anything less. You dream bigger, love deeper and seek HIS PRESENCE more. God HAS done and CONTINUES to do a good work in me. My testimony is proof of that and my job is to spread that good news ✨ I wish for chains to be broken, for hearts to be healed, for people to feel known. I hope my music plays a small part in that. Each song I write is a part of my redemption story. Thank you for joining me on this journey. All of your likes, loves, tags, shares, comments, streams & purchases of my music mean the world to me! Love, Marissa